Sunday, August 27, 2006

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DESIGN SANDAL....................................................
A.G.D.A. {australian graphic design association }


For many reasons, most clearly to build a profile and recognition of local talent for the business outcomes they can create. Perhaps more importantly to give this vocation a voice to promote philosophical discussion and questioning, enhancing the depth of the Australian culture. To the average Australian, graphic design has a low profile compared to our European cousins.
Graphic design would appear to have little relevance to Australian every day life, unlike the more easily understood design in furniture, architecture, automotive and clothing industries. Graphic design traits in the recognition stakes rate low due to it's lack of direct product. That is, a products packaging will affect the purchase but the general public do not buy 'just the graphic design'.
Could it be the lack of a local identity is a result of an industry that struggles to communicate it's profession to the general public. Conceivably this perception has been compounded by the lack of celebration in the broader sense of our own local design heroes. To paraphrase a quote from a feedback forum to the A.G.D.A.
"The potential of Australian design has a rich history influenced by many factors, mostly cultural. The design industry flourishes in Australia, but why is there so little coverage in the media? Designers should surely be percieved as pioneers and reflectors of our society."


The graphics arts course that I am currently involved in has awakened me to the fact that the whole world is one big design, from toilet paper to cathedrals. Out there somewhere, a person or a team of people was responsible for the design of every man made object that you observe.



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