Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Be passionate

A graphic designer is a visual communicator, i feel its my responsibility to convey messages and tell stories to an audience in a creative and insightful way. As a creative person, i need to tap into my inner thoughts and recources to create solutions to problems that are to be communicated in a graphic form. I know that i am my worse critic and no matter how long i spend on a project, sometimes its never good enough.
As a graphic designer in learning for only a year and a half, how do we learn to be inspired, to be focused or to keep up with the best designers? I know for a fact that there is only so much of illstrator and photoshop a young designer can take before they can shut their eyes and see the pen tool creating vectors amongst the darkness. Ive been there and even given up at times, however after research and experimenting i have found ways to re-fresh myself and be calm and focused when it comes to designing...take breaks, both physically and mentally. I know this sounds obvious but i know with myself and others, i constantly do "just one more thing" before calling it a day, too much time is spent doing this and in the end i am both physically and mentally exhausted.
Secondly look at all the things around you. Let everything and anything inspire you...sunsets, paintings, buildings, conversations,, music and people. Ideas may come to you in any shape or form you just have to let them.
And lastly, remember you are only human. You can only do and be expected to do so much, get rid of the expectations of yourself and you'll cruise.
These ideas might not suit everyone however i know they have helped me.
So expand your mind, keep an open mind or think outside the square...Be passionate about what you do.


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Thanks for sharing Lea, well said.

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