Saturday, September 23, 2006

A bit of aussie stuff...

I found this when I was searching for Australian stuff......
I liked the info, the address is at the bottom of this post.

Australian INfront is a collaborative project space and launch pad to Australia's best online designers, artists, companies and other design related web sites.
INfront is also a growing community of like minded individuals who meet up face to face at INfront gatherings to inspire and motivate each other. Lean on each other at times. Bend the rules. Help when there's a need for a freelancer, a brainstorm, an opinion or some constructive criticism. INfront intends to elevate the perception of Australian art and design to a more accurate level, one that reflects the sophistication, individuality, and passion of Australian creatives. Australia, design and art are fundamental to our being and as a group we intend to explore what this means to ourselves and the international community. Our work is Australian and of international standard. We seek GLOBAL RESPECT.
In 1999 a small group of Australian designers got together, we created an email list using a free email list service and we got talking. We asked ourselves some questions:
Why is it that we first hear about good Australian design and art from an overseas source?
Why is it common thought that you have to go overseas to make it?
Why is everyone looking overseas for inspiration?
Why is everyone trying so hard to imitate the latest styles from Europe or the States? More and more we shared a vision, that Australia kicks ass and that we love Australia. We love our environment, our animals, history, we love it that we have a view. We are inspired by living and working here.
INfront averages between 3000-4000 unique visitors daily and we have Media Temple, to thank for sponsoring us with free hosting.INfront is a non profit organisation. All seven members make their money working in the design industry. We forge the time to work on INfront because it's very much a part of us.
Our aim still stands, to promote Australian digital art and design to the world and we'll continue to do that by supporting and documenting experimental visual design projects.
At the moment there is a competition, if anyone feels like submitting to it. The prizes arent great but it may give a bit of experience to someone who is popping out ideas all the time and frustrated with nowhere to send them.

About Dumbo Feather...I quote from....
The magazine 'Dumbo Feather' created by Kate Bezar (above) deserves the accolade and lives up to it. The mag consists
of stories about people who have taken risks, followed their passion, and learned how to fly - hence the name Dumbo Feather after the cartoon character Dumbo who didn't think he could fly until a mouse handed him a 'magical' feather which gave him the courage he was looking for.


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