Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Computer ignorant? I need a blogg hero

My posts prior to Mia's Coke one are scrolling sideways and I was hoping to read them. I think I may have pushed something without knowing...I already read the entries and I can read all the entries after Mias..... but my blogg wont stand still.!*#?
....I tried to see which thing I may have upset...but I dont know enough about it....


Blogger miapixi said...

hey gulia i think you type the title up top write some thing what you want to say then write will turn orange then marquee(something in between here) marquee, to stop the scrolling you click on the orange link up the top to stop it from scrolling it is linked to direct back to blog same spot same place but still to see it their is a preview button as well on the blog this when writing but you put arrows on the outsides of maruqee which i can not show you

11:57 AM  

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