Friday, September 15, 2006

In searching for some comments about designers I found testimonials about this site. Of course they were all fantastic (as you will see if you explore)

BUT the thing that hit me most with this site is... the company, who seem to want to look like a personable and perhaps small company are trying to please everyone.
On this page they wanted to appeal to nearly every religion...which is noticed in the manner of pictures.

This site aroused my suspicions.
I could not find where it was geographically.
I wondered how much was "produced" as a showcase instead of being actual work.
Even if this were true, I felt the site looked good but lacked heart. Very sterile and clean which is good but sort of concocted in a clean sort of suit the testimonials.
I guess that the business is using strategies to survive, by not aligning to any country or culture.

To me it seems shallow to be so general...I expected with a redback spider for the site to have a bit of "bite"


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