Friday, September 08, 2006


TALKING DESIGN Talking design is a unique educational rescource which takes design students deep into the social processes of professional design. This website provides a wealth of teaching resources - student study guides, comprehensive tutor notes and background material. Talking design includes a 30 minute video which takes students into boardrooms and onto factory floors to see how designers and their clients talk design. The video is based on real - life case studies of design projects which include glassware, medical products, packaging and the National Centre for Popular Music. Download section provides access to all the materials you need. To open these files you need a password which is provided when you purchase the video.

This is an excellant article for students, certainly beneficial. But, oh no ! The old sales pitch rears it's ugly head toward the end of the text. Kind of an oxymoron. Student with money.



Blogger thats me in the corner said...

Hey Sandy,
the link works with the address below, there are too many .'s in the one posted. Looks like a good site though

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