Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Salaries for Graphic Designers

Hello! Here's a little info I found about graphic design salaries on this handy website:

In Australia, entry level GD positions start at around AU$30K, although I have seen a few as low as 25K. With a few years experience under your belt, you would be earning $40K, but that would depend very much the sort of place you worked e.g. inhouse (probably the best pay), studio or agency, or printshop (usually the lowest as there is less design and more production). With 8-10 years experience, you could be earning AU$50-60K, either as an inhouse designer, or senior designer in an agency.



Blogger thats me in the corner said...

Hey Rachel, that means if I finish my course at the end of 2007 and do another year after that ending 2008 then get a job early 2009 I can be a junior at the age of 59...with all the prospects of a pay rise. Giulia

10:41 PM  

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