Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Graphic Art Future

Art can come in all forms via pictures and/or words.

Skilled words put together create images in the minds of people wether it relates to realism or reality pending on your definition of reality or realism, what you agree too, or disagree with.
Do you wish you were been born today instead of yesterday = the future of virtual reality in art is going to be something
that that even what people think they know today are going to sit in wonder at what tomorrow kids will be doing.

Far into the future we maybe nothing more then a hpyothetical quote - expensive brains that have been down-sized
- such a shame, that the arrogance of youth and knowledge would denegrate the very historical place that birthed them.

Good design is good design no matter whens its made.

Imagine accidently falling through a passage way into another a different dimension and when you return to your own dimension you thought so wonderful and differnt suddenly nothing around you makes sense which now causes your
reality to fall apart and you try to set things straight, but noone wants your "help" as they are consumed by their own "rightness".


Blogger Cameron said...

The `60's weren't kind to you were they Melody.

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