Wednesday, November 15, 2006

health @ the comuter

Making a career in graphic design involves a fair amount of time on the computer, therefore creating good habits is important for your longterm health.

Getting comfortable:
-Adjust your chair and VDU to find the most comfortable postion for your work. As a broad guide, your forearm should be approximately horizontal and your eyes the same height as the top of the VDU.
-Avoid excess pressure from the edge of your seat on the back of your legs and knees. A footrest may be helpful, particularly for smaller users.

Keying in:
-Ajust your keyboard to get a good keying position. A space in front of the keyboard is sometimes helpful for resting the hands and wrist when not keying.
-Try to keep your wrists straight when keying. Keep a soft touch on the keys and don't over stretch your fingers. Good keyboard technique is important.

Using a mouse:
-Postition the mouse within easy reach, so it can be used with the wrist straight. Sit upright and close to the desk, so you don't have to work with your mouse arm stretched. Move key board out of the way if its not being used.
-Support your forearm on the desk and don't grip the mouse too tightly.
-Rest your fingers lightly on the buttons and do not press them to hard.

Reading the screen:
-Adjust the brightness and contrast controls on the screen to suit the lighting conditions in the room.
-In setting up software, choose options giving text that is large enough to read easily on your screen, when you are sitting in a normal, comfortable working postion. Select colours that are easy on the eye (avoid red text on a blue background, or vise-versa).
-Indiviual character on the screen should be sharply focused and should not flicker or move. If they do, the VDU may need servicing or adjustment.

Posture and breaks:
-Do not sit in the same position for long periods. Make sure you change your posture as often as practicable. Some movement is desirable to reach things you need.
-Most jobs provide opportunities to take a break from the screen. (Rest breaks, short frequent breaks etc.)


Blogger Cameron said...

Your quite right. If I spend a long day in front of the computer, which is every day, I make a conscious effort to sit up straight with my feet flat on the floor.

Eye strain is the killer, have the top of your monitor at eye level.

If your going to spend a lot of time on a computer LEARN TO TOUCH TYPE.

9:30 PM  

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