Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just wanna say thanks

Hey guys and gals
I have really enjoyed this year and learning all that I have learned. I want to offer my thanks for all who made up our class and made it an interesting place to learn. Congratulations to all those who conquered new territories with programmes and with learning in itself (and to the teachers who were clever enough to teach me). I want to offer apologies to you all for all my little distractions and interjections but sadly that is just what I do so I will probably be as annoying next year. I wish you all well and for those I wont see next year good luck for your futures. We dont get a lot of shared conversation so I want to say happy well earned holidays
and may God bless you all(unless you dont want him to)


Blogger Cameron said...

Thanks Giulia. I've enjoyed the year at TAFE also. The projects have been fun. See you in 2007.

All my best.

10:44 PM  
Blogger CLEA said...

Nice posting Giulia. Thank you for your blog contributions and enthusiasm towards the various projects. See you in 2007

10:12 AM  

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