Tuesday, October 31, 2006


2006 almost over. I hope everybody has a great Xmas.
Final blog for the year.
Fashion colours in design 2006. RETRO CHAIRS.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Looking into Copyright - graphic design

Key points
  • Drawings, logos, photographs and visual images are generally protected by copyright.
  • Copyright does not protect ideas, styles or techniques.
  • Ownership of copyright varies according to the circumstances in which the work was made.

Copyright Protection generally

In Australia, copyright law is contained in Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) and decisions of courts.

As a result of international treaties such as the Berne Convention, most foreign copyright owners are protected in Australia, and Australian copyright owners are protected in most other countries.

What does copyright protect?

Copyright protects a range of materials, including artist works, written material (such as journal articles, novels, and reports), musical works and films.

Drawings, logos, photographs and other visual images are likely to be protected by copyright as artistic works. For example, the stylised letter "R" used as a logo by the Roland Corporation has been held to be protected as an artistic work. In another case, a logo consisting of three rectangles and a triangle, arranged to form the outline of a house around the words "Aussie Home Loans" was also found to be an artistic work.

Although it is not entirely clear, the layout and typography of documents may also be protected as an artistic work. However, it is likely this will have only limited protection as a published edition. (The published edition copyright generally refers to the layout of a book or periodical, and protects the publisher's investment in preparing the edition for publication.)

Copyright does not protect ideas, styles or techniques. For example, the "look and feel" of a newletter or other publication is not generally protected by copyright. A person may therfore generally copy ideas about how a publication might be laid out (although photocopying a particular edition of another publication might be an infringement of copyright in the published edition).

Thursday, October 26, 2006

about employment

Interesting jobs I found today when I googled in asking for designers.
The most constant thing in all of these descriptions was:
they wanted the qualified person...
...and two years or even five years experience in the industry
...the wages were undisclosed and the places all varied, some looked like small print shops.
....some looked like a glorified sales position driving around drumming up business.
Anyway this is the site and regardless of them using the BYRON name and lighthouse logo there were no listings for northern NSW


Graphic Designer Gold Coast location, Casual with a view to permanency
Media Planner/ Buyer Great Lifestyle Advantage, Leading Media Group
Printing sales Gold Coast

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Salaries for Graphic Designers

Hello! Here's a little info I found about graphic design salaries on this handy website:

In Australia, entry level GD positions start at around AU$30K, although I have seen a few as low as 25K. With a few years experience under your belt, you would be earning $40K, but that would depend very much the sort of place you worked e.g. inhouse (probably the best pay), studio or agency, or printshop (usually the lowest as there is less design and more production). With 8-10 years experience, you could be earning AU$50-60K, either as an inhouse designer, or senior designer in an agency.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Design Magazines

You will find this link very useful. It connects you to just about every design magazine on the planet. Check it out...

The site that this link comes from, ICOGRADA, has loads of other information that will probably be of interest too...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Design Process Revealed

Before going over to Google Douglas Bowman used to keep a pretty tidy website. In this article he describes the design process of a submission to one of my favourite websites, The CSS Zen Garden.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I found this and dedicate it to Cameron

The Consultants
November 30, 2005
Chris Aronsten on keeping up with the beliefs of your neighbours

THE ISSUE God help me: my new neighbours believe in intelligent design.
THE SOLUTION There's no reason why you can't get along with neighbours who believe in intelligent design. In fact, you have to: your nature strip still needs to be mowed whether God created it or it evolved from a single cell over millions of years. The key to good relations is to focus on where your neighbours are coming from, not where they think they came from.

First, understand that intelligent design is just creationism in disguise. Rather than see Genesis as a metaphor, creationists take it to mean that God leapt out of bed on Monday, did all his chores by Saturday night and spent Sunday half-asleep in front of Wide World of Sports while clutching a lukewarm stubby. In other words, your neighbours are hopeless at metaphors. At your next backyard barbie, for example, if you say, "I could eat the crutch out of a low-flying duck", they'll probably call the RSPCA. But if you say, "Gosh, I'm terribly hungry", everything will be fine.

Secondly, intelligent design is ridiculed because it suggests that anything science can't explain must be the work of a supernatural being. The flaw in this argument is that as science explains more and more, the "intelligent designer" gets credit for progressively less. Still, I wouldn't get too cocky. There are hundreds of oddities science will never be able to explain. Why do I still pony up $5.50 for a choc top at the movies? How does my rice cooker know when the rice is done?

Why has everyone except me forgotten that Bruce Ruxton once released a rap video? It not only featured him walking down the main street of Cabramatta in a backwards baseball cap, but also the unforgettable first line: "There's a nip in the air, but it's 42 degrees." Perhaps your neighbours are onto something. Perhaps somewhere in the universe they are holding the annual intelligent design awards and a tearful Almighty is collecting a statuette for "Best Use of Blue in a Planet or Musical Comedy". Who knows? NEXT WEEK: GEORGIA LEWIS
Email issues to radareditor@smh.com.au

Posters can say a lot

The whole european poster design concept influenced the world. Here is an Aussie poster to show how similar to Sandys.

I like the political posters too, this one is very early in Australian history... it must have caused a stir at the time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Everything old is new again.

I've always loved the simplicity of pre-war European posters and in most of my design attempts I try to emulate this simplicity with modern overtones.
Sandi h

Italy like Germany was one of the leading countries in generating and propagating the new design esthitic of the 1920's and 30's. Italy was the birthplace of Italian futurism and travel related advertising was deeply impacted by these modern trends.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

t shirt website

this is the t shirt company i run with friends and cameron put this site together for us


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Offshore isn’t a beach near heaven

I googled Australian design offshore and got this
Taken from:
Oct 2nd 2006

Advantages of Outsourcing
Cost Factor Advantage

Leading companies worldwide realize that to maintain stay ahead, they need to reduce costs. Outsourcing helps in reducing costs of infrastructure, manpower, maintenance and training of the employees.
Concentrate on Core Business
Organisation can focus on its core business, outsourcing the non-competitive areas.
Professional Service
Organisation can avail the services of specialists who provide the best quality, use the latest high-tech skills, and are reliable and innovative.
How we can help?
We can provide all kind of IT outsourcing and web designing in india and software development at competitive prices & within time frame guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality. Web solutions outsourcing companies can outsource:
Website Designing
Website Development
Ecommerce Solutions
Custom Software Programming
Content Writing
Website Promotion and Search Engine Optimization
Other Web Solutions.
Presently we are working with companies in Australia, UK, USA and other European countries.

And this Brisbane Company

and this Brisbane College
The GEOS Queensland College of English Gold Coast

use India for its IT programmes

There are a projected 30,000 Graphic Designers estimated by Design Institute of Australia for 2006. This means we are expected to compete with the outsourced "workshops".

Can we compete if we offer a thoroughly unique product with great customer service? Where is our future? Buying Oz product is not something most people embrace if they get cheaper"stuff". Surely this begins with even consumable goods that a lot of us dont consider. This may be our environmental battle.